Α Doctor in Canada wrote me a letter in which he asked - "Have you ever commented on the numerology that seems to be consistent in the Bible?" He cited certain common Biblical numbers of time and groups such as three, seven, twelve, forty, seventy and one hundred and twenty. It must be recognized that numerology has problematical factors, and yet certain periods of time are repeated, and others divided into equal increments. Το his letter, I replied:

Your letter notes various time periods and dates. I have meditated on some of these myself especially the times involved with the demise of Israel as the people of God. In AD 31, the hierarchy crossed the unseen line and crucified the Messiah. Three and one half years later (AD 34), the nation of Israel fulfilled its allotted "70 weeks." The times of the Gentiles (nations) began. Thirty six years later in AD 70, judgment fell on the nation, city, and temple. This closely parallels 40 years as a generation. If however, you use AD 31, the time period is 39 years.

In 1967 the "times of the Gentiles" were fulfilled (Luke 21:24); Jerusalem passed once again to Jewish control. Then 13 years later, 1980, Jerusalem was made the capital of all Israel by the vote of the Knesset. Another thirteen years, 1993; and the Papacy recognized Israel as a State and press releases suggested Papal interest in Jerusalem which could mean the fulfillment of Daniel 11:45 if carved through. Another 13 years would bring us to 2006, just ahead of us. But three 13 year increments equal 39 years, just one year shy of a Biblical generation, but exactly equal to the time of AD31 AD70! However, if you add 40 years to 1967 you get 2007, also "even at the door."

If God is working in 13-year increments "3" a perfect number is involved in the events from 1967 to 2006. All of this makes for something to think about, and react to in a full preparation for the coming of Christ with our lamps trimmed and burning for light in the gross darkness of the present time.