Publisher of the
"Watchman, What
of the Night?" (WWN).

-Monthly thought paper
William H. Grotheer,
Editor of Research &
Publication for the ALF

- 1970s

- 1980s

- 1990s

- 2000s


ALF Manuscripts

An Interpretative History of the
Doctrine of the Incarnation
as Taught by the
Seventh-day Adventist Church,
- William H. Grotheer

Bible Study Guides
- William H. Grotheer

The End Time Line Re-Surveyed
- Parts 1 & 2

Excerpts - Legal Documents
- EEOC vs PPPA - Adventist
Laymen's Foundation

The Holy Flesh Movement
- William H. Grotheer

The Hour and the End is Striking at You
- William H. Grotheer

In the Form of a Slave
- William H. Grotheer

Jerusalem In Bible Prophecy
- William H. Grotheer

Key Doctrinal Comparisons
- Statements of Belief 1872-1980

- William H. Grotheer

Pope Paul VI Given Gold
Medallion by Adventist
Church Leader

- William H. Grotheer

The Sacred Trust BETRAYED!
- William H. Grotheer

Seal of God
 - William H. Grotheer

Seventh-day Adventist Evangelical Conferences
of 1955-1956

 - William H. Grotheer

The SIGN of the END of TIME
- William H. Grotheer

- William H. Grotheer

The Times of the Gentiles

- A Study in Depth of
Luke 21:24
- William H. Grotheer


1. "Is the Bible Inspired or
- J. J. Williamson

2. The Canons of the Bible
- Study
- Raymond A. Cutts

3. Bible Study Guides
- William H. Grotheer

4. Individuality in Religion
- Alonzo T. Jones

5. The Sign of the End of Time
- William H. Grotheer

6. Spiritual Gifts. The Great
Controversy, between Christ
and His Angels, and
Satan and his Angels

- Ellen G. White

7. Daniel and the Revelation
- Uriah Smith

8. Facts of Faith
- Christian Edwardson


Bible As History
- Werner Keller

The Consecrated Way
to Christian Perfection

- Alonzo T. Jones

Letters to the Churches
- M. L. Andreasen

The Place of the Bible In
- Alonzo T. Jones

The Sabbath
- M. L. Andreasen

The Sanctuary Service
- M. L. Andreasen

So Much In Common

Under Which Banner?
- Jon A. Vannoy


Bible Excerpts

10 Commandments
- Exodus 20 &
Dueteronomy 5
Compared: KJV, NIV
and Hebrew Interlinear

Song of Solomon
- as discussed in Volume 3,
Seventh-day Adventist
Bible Commentary


Blog Thoughts
- Raymond A. Cutts


Various Short Studies

"Saving Faith"
- Dr. E. J. Waggoner

"What is Man" The Gospel
in Creation
- "The Gospel in Creation"

"A Convicting Jewish Witness",
study on the Godhead
-David L. Cooper D.D.

"Another Comforter", study
on the Holy Spirit

1976 a Letter and a Reply:
- SDA General Conference
warning against WWN.

Further Background
Information on Zaire

-General Conference pays
Government to keep
church there.

Letter in answer to a
WWN reader:
RE: Lakes of Fire -

- 2 lakes of fire.

Trademark of the name
Seventh-day Adventist
[Perez Court Case]
- US District Court Case -
GC of SDA vs.R. Perez,
and others [Franchize of
name "SDA" not to be used
outside of denominational

Do You Believe the
Messenger of the Lord -
- William H. Grotheer

-William H. Grotheer



General Note: All the Specials and Commentaries are in the
last file of the year. There are 4 files for each year: jm=Jan-Mar; aj=Apr-Jun; js-=Jul-Sep;

In memory of
Elder William H. Grotheer


What of the Night?"

(WWN) is a thought paper
that was published monthly continuously from Jan, 1968 to the end of Dec. 2006 . by the Adventist Laymen's Foundation of Mississippi,
Inc.(ALF), with William H.
Grotheer as the Editor
of Research & Publication.

Due to his failing health,
Elder Grotheer requested
that ALF of Canada continue publishing thoughts through its website
which now has developed
into frequent Blog Thought
articles plus all of the
Foundation's historical
published works written
and audio.

As of 2010, with the official
closing of the ALF of USA,
The Adventist Laymen's
Foundation of Canada
with its website is
the only officially operating
ALF branch established
by Elder Grotheer

We are thankful for the
historical legacy that
is now available through

The Adventist Laymen's
Foundation of Canada,,
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

The Nov. 1977 issue
discusses "What is the
"Watchman What of the

The MISSION of this site
-- is to put the articles
from the WWN in Essay
form. It is not our purpose
to copy WWN in whole.

Any portion of the thought

paper may be reproduced
without further permission
by adding the credit line
- "Reprinted from Adventist
Laymen's Foundation of





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"God creates out of nothing.
Therefore, until a man is nothing,
God can make nothing out of him."

Martin Luther

May God bless you as you dig for yourself
into the treasures of your eternal destiny.

Many people are asking important questions, searching for answers to help to make sense out of what we see happening around us.

From a wealth of information which has crossed our desk over the years, these authors have taught us that each of us is responsible for what we individually believe. Life seems so complicated and busy and so much is recommended to read, watch and listen to, that we were grateful that these authors have helped us gain one of the most important tools; how to simplify our Bible Study and we are glad to share it here:

1. Bible Translation.
2. Bible Concordance,
3. Bible Dictionary,
4. Bible Atlas.

Some of these authors are personal acquaintances, yet some of the studies come from subscriptions, magazines, papers and books. Full credit is clearly given to all of the authors. We believe the writings are entered accurately, however, if something doesn't look like it should, please Email us so we may go back to the source to make sure that it was entered correctly! Where we may not have specific permission to put an author on the site, if that author requests it, we will remove it.

May we all pray for the wisdom to discern truth as it is in Jesus while we individually search for truth.


We have also a more sure word of prophecy;
whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn,
and the day star arise in your hearts: Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture
is of any private interpretation.
For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man:
but holy men spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."
2 Peter 1:19-21



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